wooden bag night-blue

wooden bag night-blue
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night blue
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About this product

The distinctive feature of this elegant and minimalist soft leather handbag is the veined satin nut wood nestled around it. The wood is elastic enough to allow the bag to be filled to capacity.
The wood is prepared so as not to be damaged by water, dirt or oily hands. It is fixed to the underside of the bag with copper-coloured studs.
The handbag can be carried with a tied on strap or simply as a clutch. It is unlined and closes at the top with a silver metal zipper.

Note: The wood is flexible enough to not break with normal use. As wood is a natural material that can dry out, the bag should not be left out in direct sunlight for extended period of time (beneath a car windscreen, for example). Every bag has it own individual wood grain – this is a unique characteristic and not a flaw.

Materials: Leather; Satin walnut veneer
Closes with: Metal zipper

Bag Length: 21cm
Bag Height: 16 cm
Bag strap: max ca. 118 cm

Made in
Berlin, Germany
Made on Demand 
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