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€125.00 (incl. VAT plus shipping)
About this product
SACK&ASCHE POSTBAG STONE-SILVER is a handcrafted unique and partly upcycled peace, designed and produced in Berlin. The cap is a GDR vintage belt that goes all around it vertically. A material mix of strong grey polyester fabric and sliver grid texture is lined with a stone grey velour and has a zippable inside bag. All trimmings are from stainless steel. Size: cm: 24 x 18 x 6,5 inch: 9 x 7 x 2,5 (strap longest 107cm / 41,5") The strap is adjustable from 57cm / 22" to 107cm / 41,5". You also can take it off and fix your bag with the turnable carabiners on your belt-loops. Two bottles of beer or a bottle of wine fit in perfectly. With its rare and special but clean mix of materials it is wearable to all different occassions. The silver shines and sparkles in the sunshine, while the stone grey calmes it down and gives it a cool urban contrast. It guarantees a unique futuristic style during the day and a cool party look anyways. Please do handwash or just wipe it. We can produce up to 5 similar peaces, since some of the material is vintage or rare because found or donated.
Made in
Berlin, Germany
Made on Demand 
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