Jacket Coat

Jacket Coat
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€575.00 (incl. VAT plus shipping)
About this product

The jacket-coat is jacket and coat in one. Simply invert the jacket with the shawl collar, and you have a coat. To put it a different way: the hem of the jacket becomes the collar of the coat. And, everything is reversible. The jacket-coat is reversible both in the short version as a jacket and in the long version as a coat. It has two differently coloured sides and is beautifully finished. Four models in one!

austriandesign.at creates accessories that are ONE SIZE, multifunctional and original. The models are designed on the basis of a rectangle. The ideas for the designs are from everyday life and use, and are implemented in a modern and stylish way. Quality, functionality, originality, aesthetics and sustainability at a premium level are the criteria which apply to all products by austriandesign.at.

Material: extra-fine quality merino wool / size: one size (36 – 42) / 6 colour combinations available

Made in
Wien, Austria
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