Mode kann soviel mehr. Sein. Dass positive Worte stärken, wissen wir und wir wollten diese tragbar machen - der Trägerin eine schöne Botschaft mit auf ihren Weg geben. Diese sollte stylish und neu sein und alle Frauen darin gut aussehen lassen.
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Fashion can be so much more. Be.

We are often asked, "How did you come get this idea?" And every time we find that a short answer is not enough.

Our long meeting filled reveries and enthusiasm in which irrwitzigsten business ideas were spun, led to the plan to make something beautiful and Sinniges.

Strengthen that positive words, we know, and we wanted to make them portable - give the wearer a beautiful message with them on their way. But how? It should be stylish and new and let all women to look good.

Although we were completely foreign to industry and also equipped only with minimal financial resources, we have nevertheless taken the plunge into the cold water.

Luckily we lacked at critical moments after the foundation not of energy, patience and spark ideas. For example, designed Ricarda our magic scarf at night following an intuition, by cutting a giant heart.

The shape has been further optimized several times and the versatility we discovered little by little, so a la "but look what you can still do everything with it."

There was more than a garment - a part which is part of the wearer.

Now we have the perfect package for our ICH positive statements on the inside - that's "ego is inside" favorite parts.

This in turn led our small, multi-functional, very personal and unique collection of favorite pieces.

Although not planned from the start, but clearly a planned child.

That we had used in our parts but good course.

In a roundabout way, we ended up with our friendly suppliers for GOTS certified organic cotton from Turkey, were enthusiastic and still are.

From the outset it was clear that we produce in our area, simply to avoid communication problems and distance barriers.

After a long search and a lot of input from our friends, we came across our little sewing bike in Munich, always ready to help and assist you and just doing a great job.

We are thrilled that our idea has so assumed beautiful shapes and have learned not only a lot of fun but also a lot of great people and are met.

With the support of many friends, our families and the positive feedback from our customers continue to grow our heart project step by step.

Thanks to all.

We will definitely be permanently off-course and remain fair.

Michaela and Ricarda

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