Together with them, we place thousands of kilometers, climb the highest mountains and experiencing new horizons! The talk is of Tubes and Tires (bicycle inner tubes and tires), the faithful companions in the border area. Did the rubber companions but obsolete once, unfortunately, so far remained just the kick in the bin. Who is a real Radfetischist however, no tires - full of memories connected - carelessly discard! Tubeline itself holds a heart and gives her special pieces a new life!


It all began in Africa. In a bike race through the Sahara desert, the former mountain bike extreme sports Michael Schuessler suddenly lost his water bottle.

It was not long until I was black before his eyes, I lost consciousness and fell from the wheel. When I came to myself I had a vision:

"Funky bags worn bike tires"

Today Tubeline made in a workshop in the Bavarian Leidersbach bags and accessories made from recycled materials. Please note that all our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and a lot of manual labor.

Each product is unique and not mass produced! Special or "special editions" of course we are happy to order for you. Our products are well received worldwide and have been honored with international awards such as the ISPO BrandNew Awards Winter 2006.


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