Beautiful gemstones with filigreed silver pendants and parts with fine or large-limbed, long and short chains in sterling silver / gold combination. Constantly creating new chains or bracelets, which are based on current trends. Most of the jewelry pieces are uniques.
Photo by: Olaf Scheller/Simone Grunert
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For her label sumaju the german designer Simone Grunert designs fancy necklaces and bracelets with special gems. In July 2013 she renamed her label seféelo into sumaju. All jewelry pieces are made ​​with loving care from her work in Hamburg and are available as unique pieces or limited editions. So for every woman it is possible that it contributes something unique and can thereby also underline their individuality and personality.

Beautiful chains with pendants and filigree silver parts with fine or large-limbed, long or short chains in sterling silver / gold combination. Constantly creating new jewelry pieces, which are based on current trends.

The chains are clean, simple and clear statement. The color and quality of the stone is in the foreground, as pure detail. The jewelry is stylish, trendy yet timeless. The creations are perfect for the bohemian style and just as well for cool T-shirt.

Joy and lightness are underlined with the jewelry. Chain of delicate pink and shell-colored stones such as Andenopal, moonstone, rose quartz and luminous blues and greens with agate, amazonite, turquoise, green quartz and labradorite and summer silver pendant like starfish, sea horses, sun or water nymphs bring summer and Good-moody feel.

sumaju gives the wearer a bright aura. And the jewelry should be more than a fashion accessory. Precious stones have specific vibrations and energies and also act on the body, mind and soul. Depending on which stone is selected, it can give energy, love, peace or safety and be a wonderful companion.

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