Mit dem Bewahren alter Traditionen der Denim-Verarbeitung und dem Hinzufügen neuer Designideen vollzieht das Label Ruttloff die Evolution von einfacher Arbeitsbekleidung zur urbanen Grundausstattung mit dem besonderen Etwas. Frei von der Notwendigkeit kurzfristigen Trends zu folgen, gilt die Aufmerksamkeit ganz dem Material und seiner Verarbeitung. Durchdachte Konstruktionen mit intelligenten Details, stoffliche Funktionalität und qualitativ hochwertige Verarbeitung geben den Produkten des …
Photo by: Nico Müller
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Thirst, which is reflected in the design and implementation of their own ideas. A special character that allows to search for unconventional ways of life and to tread. The ability to prevail against resistance, and to create something new. These are characteristics of inventors, designers and craftsmen. Men work to think their way, and to live the inspiration and motivation for Ruttloff are. By preserving ancient traditions of denim processing and adding new design ideas takes the label evolution from simple working clothes to urban basic equipment with special appeal. Free of the need to follow short-term trends, the focus of attention throughout the material and its processing. Sophisticated designs with intelligent details, material functionality and quality workmanship give the products of the label its distinctive personality. Each piece is made by hand and with passion in Dresden. With tailored attire meets Ruttloff desire for individual expression and a perfect fit.

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