RITA IN PALMA is the first label to combine high fashion designs with integrative work. Together with Turkish women we create handmade, unique crocheted accessories like collars, necklaces, scarfs or bracelets of high quality. Thus the women get a job and find a way to become independent and simultaneously beautiful accessories are produced.
Photo by: Fabian Frost


The collection’s concept

The design’s appeal lies in it’s vanguard, candit sketches and high-class workmanship. It offers products, which appeal to the customers in many ways: Adopting the glamour of past times, the design and craftmanship as well as the visual merchandising arouse an overwhelming desire; This heart-warming fashion replies to the growing yearning for sustainability and more human values in today’s fast and accelerated world of consumption.

While older generations are touched in a very sentimental way by the old handicraft, the daughters are fascinated by their mother’s and grandmother’s expertise and hence find a new access to this kind of needlework. RITA IN PALMA sets new trends in fashion not against, but with the help of traditional hand work, so as to appeal to young, enthusiastic trend-setters of fashion as well as to potential customers.

High-class product design

The first collection comprises crocheted lady’s accessories, such as collars, ankle socks and shawls furnished with gilded label tags and chains. Every piece is handmade and dyed and therefore unique. It’s perfect quality as well as the products’ highly artistic character is underlined by artistic packaging – handmade cartons with serigraph covers and black velvet. Not least does this elaborated product design justify pricing and sale in exclusive concept stores.


Additionally, we add another crucially innovative thought to our collection: RITA IN PALMA is a social integration project that strictly turns against social exclusion within our society.

Since the main focus of the collection RITA IN PALMA comprises traditional knitting and crochet work, we establish a bond to citizens of Turkish origin, benefit from their manual excellence and in turn offer them employment.

Social consciousness

Accordingly, RITA IN PALMA generates a symbiotic connection, enhancing the collection’s values and establishing a new platform for integration in our society. The question at issue, if this form of integration is met with interest by the ethnic group, can explicitly be answered in the affirmative. The women enthusiastically respond to our ideas and know about their important position in the fabrication of the collection.


We deliberately focus on short distances. The local production in Berlin in accordance with the women’s out work fabrication allows minimum distances of transport as well as a close co-operation with the manufacturers. Thanks to the short distances direct communication and monitoring is possible at all times and (almost) without any misunderstanding. Any changing requirements for the production as well as the womens’ growing experiences can directly be integrated into design and composition of the collection. This faciliates spontaneity and short delivery times and promotes the social structures.

In the long run this pattern of fabrication can serve as a platform for many designers in Berlin who are then able to let their scetches also been produced locally. This concept is of great values for the working women, who will be less dependent on the sales and distribution of the Rita collection.

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