Our main mission at RabbitRabbit is to make fashion fun. We are aware of the current trends, but in our opinion clothes should emphasize the woman’s individuality, give her a unique style and make her stand out. With the combination of graphic details and energetic colors RabbitRabbit combines the trends from the catwalk with functionality and good quality that enchants the daily life. We offer our clients interesting variations on existing trends that emphasize their individuality, beauty and …

RabbitRabbit is a Danish-Polish fashion brand established in 2014.

When we create our collections the major inspiration forming unique character and theme are fabrics, their texture, color, how they work together and how interesting it can be assemble to each other.

RabbitRabbit is a design with focus on aesthetic details and makes your smile. Our inspiration comes from the world of fairytales, where the impossible becomes possible. The cut is feminine, fun, quirky and creative but still respecting the simple look.

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