PITOUR represents a keen and well-balanced sense of current trends and puristic elegance in fashion, jewelry and accessoires for both, women and men. Multifarious options of wearing every piece, extraordinary fabrics and very special colour combinations twist supposedly simple cuts and achieve a glamorous, extravagant or even ironic context, perfectly positioned between soberness and exuberance. The designer Maria Oberfrank creates fashion and accessories for city flâneurs, who don't put off …
Photo by: Stefan Dokoupil

With Pitour Maria Oberfrank has established a label that stands for a well balanced sense between the current trend and subtly pure elegance for men and women. Special highlights are always performed with the experimental ingenuity for details, many of them handmade. Another Pitour-trademark: asymmetry, the exploration of multiple options of wearing each part as well as the choice of extraordinary fabrics and color combinations. Thus turning seemingly simple cuts again towards glamor, luxury and charming irony and give a skillful combination of Central European sobriety and high spirits. The label also includes special clothing accessories and jewellery.


The label is available at Oberfranks own Shop & Showroom Combinat in the Q21 of MuseumQuartier Wien, which is solely worth a visit due to its special ambience. Since 2009, the former student of Helmut Lang also performs as co-initiator of MQ Vienna Fashion Week where since then regularly local and foreign Designers present their collections on one level.


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