Patricia Vincent
Patricia Vincent
Taking her main passion to a professional level, Vienna-based designer Patricia Vincent established her own label in 2006. Each collection is defined by her personal approach and aspirations of harmonizing a feminine, sleek and effortless feeling with a confident and smart look.
Photo by: Patricia Vincent
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Patricia Vincent

A strong mix of cultures, Ukrainian, Portuguese and Nigerian, Patricia Vincent was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. In 2002 she moved to Vienna, Austria, where she studied fashion design and sewing techniques.

“My profession is one of the best things in my life and I feel so blessed having the opportunity to discover and start to love it at a relatively early age. When I first decided to take my passion on a professional level it was after I had the chance to study at Michelbeuern institute, the Landesinnung Wien der Mode und Bekleidungstechnik and follow an internship at a couture studio, Temsamani. My inspiration comes mostly from our past: world traditions, style approaches, art, music, classicism. So, I’m combining details from the past, as well taking in consideration our present and future, the evolution of the women's body, desires and lifestyle. Vienna is a spring of great art, a place where the past is reflected and respected. Having relatively easy access to it, gives me the freedom to explore and be original. I usually build o concept after I see a fabric. I love to work with 100% or at least mainly partial natural fibers fabrics such as: cotton, linen, silk, georgette, viscose, wool, leather, brocade and lace. I choose those that give an instant pleasant feeling when I touch it, to be soft but heavy, caressing but dressing, can be sewn smoothly at the machine or by hand, have a beautiful pattern and colour(s).“

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