Luxury Bio Leather Accessoires. Stylish, elegant and extraordinary. Made of high quality salmon leather. A connection between natural materials with urban chic. Premium Handmade in HAMBURG
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Eco-Friendly Leather Accessoires

Located in the heart of Hamburg MiaSue designs and manufactures finest handmade Bio Leather Accessoires in perfect craftmanship.

Inspired by the beauty of nature each product is made with passion for aesthetics and quality, from design to finished part!

A collection of products who awakens the senses… the soft feel of the bio leather, earthy tones, bright colors, a pure natural scent of the leather.


Premium HANDMADE in Germany HAMBURG

Stylish, classy and sophisticated...

The natural structure and colour gradients make each part unique.

The focus is on a clear, pure design that highlights the beauty of natural materials.

The main use of vegetable tanned cowhide and salmon leather meet a high standard of sustainability and ecology. The leather is very exclusive and differs significantly in terms of feel and look from mass market leather, as chemical impregnation and surface sealing is missing.

Salmon leather

The leather offers an exotic look and is a high quality alternative to leather species of protected animals.

The material used is a by-product of the salmon industry, the highest level on an ecological basis and refined chrome-free tanned and dyed. The characteristic structure of the skin is preserved and each part is due to the natural gradients unique. The surface is fitted dirt-and water-repellent. Very lightweight leather with high tear strength and durability!

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