Mews7 was launched as a new label in 2009 with the aim to establish itself as a key player in global fashion. It distinguishes itself by offering designs that are bold, creative and yet practical.
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Mews7 Sandy Clutch €185.00 / -19%
Sale Limit
Mews7 Suzy Clutch €250.00 / -40%

Begum gets her inspiration by traveling and seeing the work of fashion designers from around the world.

 She believes that breaking out of one’s comfort zone can be intimidating, but is essential for keeping up with world’s trends. 

“It’s incredibly important for personal and cultural growth...."

 She now brings her inimitably calm and lovely aesthetic to Nelou, curating a selection of goods that are affordable, practical and display a unique charm.

 Her Mews7 collection is the result of a lifetime of fascination with leather and her dream to create our own identity in leather art. 

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