Meisterkluft - TISKET
Meisterkluft - TISKET
MEISTERKLUFT -TISKET offers a fresh twist on classic garments by including elements of traditional German carpenters work attire.
Photo by: Natascha Zivadinovic
Meisterkluft - TISKET

Berlin based label MEISTERKLUFT brings forth an eclectic collection of classic garments with a twist.

Inspired by the traditional clothing of German carpenters, expect to find contemporary, clean lines, and a colour palette reduced to black & white. All pieces are made of cotton. With focus on a salt/pepper fabric and black corduroy. Alongside these soft textures metal zippers in gold, red fake-leathers pipings and white mother of pearl buttons ensure vivid contrasts in colour and structure.

Clean lines, subtle cuts and natural materials are the foundation of all Tisket collections -my second Label.

Combining the elegance of classic garments with the typical nonchalance of Berlin lifestyle creates a unique, modern business look.

The subtil design is broken by smart details and sets the garments, despite their restrained effect into the focus. Mostly slender silhouettes go along with a straight design and are enhanced by carefully selected materials. Through this precise design in combination with accurate workmanship each Tisket collection occurs. They are exclusively manufactured in Germany.

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