Medusa is a new brand that was founded in 2009 by Gili Rozin and Adi Singfer, graduates of the Jewelry Design Department of Shenkar College. The items are handmade from processed plastic, through an industrial technique that is not traditionally used for jewelry and accessories. Strong and vibrant colors dominate the items and strengthen the brand's connection to contemporary fashion.
Photo by: MeDusa

The two designers' mutual work began during their studies, and led them to be finalists in the ITS#8 competition in Triest, Italy

Medusa, their new brand, presents a young and contemporary urban style that is evident in the collections' shapes, visibility and materials.

The idea behind the items is the creation of something new and different from what can usually be found in the market, and to succeed in working with a relatively well-known material in a unique and innovative way.

After an extensive material research, the designers realized that working with plastic will allow them the innovation they were looking for, and will provide them with a realm in which to express the imagination and abundance that can be found in their inspirations - nature and the sea.  

The Medusa Brand comes from a rich world of imagination. The items feature floral elements, amorphous shapes and a unique sense of textile, which give the products their vitality and desirable appearance.

The collection includes: shoulder bags and clutch purses, belts, necklaces and earrings.

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