MANIKÓ that represents exclusiveness & simplicity. Professionally the two young designers are combining elegance, pure and clear forms and lines with exclusive, high class material. This melt into a simple and unique style.
Photo by: Schall & Schnabel
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MANIKÓ Triangle Shoulder Blouse €159.00 / -44%
MANIKÓ Oversized Blouse €229.00 / -39%
MANIKÓ Blouse with Shoulderpads €149.00 / -40%
MANIKÓ Oversized Blouse €179.00 / -28%


Isabelle Mbarga and Madlen Lecoutré are aware - if you want to survive the shark tank ‘fashion industry‘ you will play a risky game. They are the masterminds of the fresh Berlin- based fashion label MANIKÓ, that was founded at the beginning of 2010.

There they develop high-quality, sophisticated fashion which interprets classical cuts in a modern way. Unaffected by current trends, the young designers stick to their individual style: clear lines, spacious silhouettes, unlimited combination possibilities but always according to wearability.

Soft and smooth materials like silk, wool, chiffon and leather characterize the feminin, nonchalant chic and serve as an inspiration for new designs.

Mbarga and Lecoutré emphasize the brand ‘Made in Germany‘: „The production in Germany ensures not only close collaboration and better communication to the manufacturers but also unique quality of materials with a clean consciousness.



Schottstr. 4

D- 10365 Berlin

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