Madnezz is a Polish fashion brand that creates clothes for young and strong women operating according to the "Girl Power" principle, who want to feel confident and feminine every day. We create #MADTEAM with other women on board. It is a young team in which each individual gives their personality and energy to the spirit of the brand's philosophy - the philosophy of #MADGIRL.

The MADNEZZ brand was created out of love for quality and attention to every detail. The cuts are devilishly feminine and absolutely perfect. Behind every project there is a story - every dress is a different #madgirl. Some are extroverts from hell, real flirts, others are extremely mysterious and subtle. They are similar in one - they are all strong characters, such as MADNEZZ brand customers.

Madnezz is not only original cuts, but also true quality.

We love comfortable Polish cotton and viscose knitted fabrics. We only use fabrics which are certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to produce MDNZZ collections. We have based the philosophy of our brand on such fabrics, so if you are looking for another kind of fabric - you will not find it here. Our attention to detail and quality has remained the same since the beginning of the brand's existence, which involves local cutting and sewing. Urban legend says that all MDNZZ projects have unspecified magical properties - they attract, enslave, ensnare and bring men to their knees.

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