Louve de Nordneg
Louve de Nordneg
A/W-S CAMPAIGN DECODE ME - RECODE ME My new collection, “Decode me - Recode me” is divided into two sub-collections. The first one is a sequel of my Onirism collection: sensual and elegant, the second one, ultra-contemporary, is reinventing classical designs such as Jacquard, Arlequin, Argyle and Tartan. They were both composed by using computer programs such as Processing, a program dedicated to artists and even old-school machines from the 80’s like the ZX Spectrum. We …
Photo by: Copyright Louve de Nordneg
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Louve de Nordneg



This sub-collection is about the dichotomy that we all experience as human beings: feelings versus reason, nature versus culture.

For this collection, the background layers are created organically. They are an expresion of the warm blood that circulates in our veins, that makes us humans, what makes us passionate beings.

The geometrical layers on the top are carefully composed with Processing, a computer

programme made for artists. They represent our logical pragmatic mind, the one that makes us take appropriate decisions.

Like us, the different layers of the designs cannot live without one another, they are interlinked and evolve together, sometimes in opposition, to make the print perfectly balanced, like us humans.



“Recode me” is about constructing geometrical classical designs such as Tartan, Argyle, Arlequin, Houndstooth and Herringbone whilst giving them a contemporary feel, i.e recoding them.

To achieve this, I used Processing, a computer program dedicated to artists and even 80’s coding technology such as the ZX Spectrum. Redesigning classical designs is something that fashion

has always championed and being in a computer dominated era, I decided to computer code to achieve this. The result: classical designs made ultra-contemporary for this collection.

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