Larissa Heddert Couture
Larissa Heddert Couture
Larissa Heddert creates luxurious women's fashion and accessories with avant-garde design futuristic vision. The creations are characterized by the delicate interplay between elegance and extravagant cuts and gentle, flowing, feminine Siluette. The models are hand crafted from fine fabrics exclusively in Germany and meet the highest quality.
Photo by: Celia von Barchewitz
Larissa Heddert Couture

Unique, as the soul of a man so to be his second skin, clothing.

Whether for a special occasion or everyday "occurrence" in the office, the peculiar "look" is always preceded by a first silent applause.

70% of every encounter, goes to the visual appearance. This is pleasant, personally and a little extravagant, so the first step is already reached. The optical benevolence is the first essential of success.

Be unique is not just another copy of the fashion world, but is finding his own style to make and develop. And I support my clients, "says Larissa Heddert that in Paderborn leads a fashion studio. She designs themselves and crafted with sensitivity makes their models are true.

In addition to the seasonal collections that are produced deliberately in small numbers, it offers a handpicked customer base of individual model, which are specially to be made and are specifically tailored to the style and personality of the wearer.

Says "In my clothes come no ounce of commodity and also the ones on the outside worries" Larissa Heddert and strokes her special fabrics.

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