La Femme MiMi
La Femme MiMi
"RETURN" ... it is the name of my new collection Autumn / Winter 2013 - 2014 Originally, I had for this collection entirely different concept. It was all planned very differently. But one day, our children wanted to see my husband's and my old family childhood photos. That was for me incredibly inspiring. The colors in the photos, the atmosphere, and memories ... I collected more and more childhood photos, not only mine but also my friends. I began to collect fabrics that are close to my heart …
Photo by: photo by Petr Kurecka - model Bara - MUA by Iveta Duong - Hair by Pavel Kroupa
La Femme MiMi

 - About La Femme MiMi

La Femme MiMi accentuates the feminine beauty, first you see a beautiful woman and only at second glance you notice the extraordinary dress. La Femme MiMi focuses on shapes, combinations of colors and above all on quality of fabrics. It is a brand that enhances femininity while being comfortable and inspiring. Its uniqueness lies in bright colors, patterns and especially in hand-made embroidery designed by MiMi Lan herself. La Femme MiMi collections are sold in Prague, Vienna and Amsterdam. MiMi's philosophy is to interconnect Europe with Asia.

- About designer

MiMi Lan is originally from Hanoi. She has been living in Prague over twenty years and founded La Femme MiMi brand eight years ago. MiMi has no degree from Art and Design school, her focus is rather to design clothes and accessories for Women who love their lives and are acknowledge their femininity. MiMi Lan also likes to embroider, she combines colors and patterns with natural materials....yet everything has to be in Harmony. She pushes the boundaries but never crosses them

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