STRENG und doch VERTRAULICH Nicht NUR FÜR DEN DIENSTGEBRAUCH ist die neue KINA*-Kollektion gedacht Strenge, schlichte schnörkellose, körperbetonte zeitlose Schnitte und dezente Farben treffen auf weiche, gemütliche, angenehme, zwanglose und vertraute Stoffe Diese modernen Klassiker sind Büro-und Alltagtauglich dank der Gebrauchs Attribute Leger und locker begegnen sich hier Eleganz und cool chic Mode ohne Verfallsdatum: Zeitlosigkeit und Minimalismus prägen die Handschrift …
Photo by: sven brauers
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KINA* MINI SKIRT -Auf Durchzug- €69.00 / -49%
KINA* scarf €24.00 / -58%

undertake the very young was founded in 2005 and specializes in garment accessories with character ...

scarves that do anything but just boringly hang around the neck ... The "icing on the cake" have been successful, "spread" between Hamburg and Vienna ...

scarves with which girls can cover their shoulders on chilly evenings ...

these accessories have even more sophisticated functions in itself ... good for the old favorites, simply must be spiced up only

rather than buying a completely new dress ... these pieces can also become a favorite piece and be worn regardless of the trend and seasonal ...

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