INAURES (earring in latin) is a gallery of contemporary, unusual jewellery, a small place, very tastefully decorated, dedicated to the creation of that one, unique piece, or limited series in silver or gold.
Photo by: Consuelo Bautista

Monika Hellwig and Aurora Artés, the creators of this shop, tucked away on one of the main winding streets that lead to Sitge´s famous church, met in the prestigious Massana Art School in Barcelona in 1987. They both studied jewellery and enamel.

From 1992 they started a workshop and in 1994 opened their Gallery in Sitges, where they offer personalized service to special, demanding, clients.

They have exhibited their handmade jewellery: necklaces, rings, gemstones, brooches, pendants and earrings in galleries in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Austria.

Currently they continue their surprisingly prolific collection of work and now invite you to get to know part of it on their new on-line shop. Aurora and Monika, Spanish and German respectively, work with a wide range of tecniques and materials; above all silver, gold and fired enamel. Perhaps they have an unusual manner of working; they never work with previous drawings or sketches, they understand each other with few words, transmitting the idea directly upon the metal. They understand the magical components of the metal in infinite ways: delicate and sensitive, rigorous and disciplined, without ever forgetting that personal touch that confers a hand finished piece, without losing sight of the passion of creating, with the ever present idea that it is impossible to create without believing…

The ideal geographical situation inspires and influences them: the Mediterranean coast and nature, the great teacher with her play of light, flower designs, the everlasting play of light, color and textures enable them to create subtle jewels which are elegant, warm and daring. They create jewellery that is meant to be worn, with special attention to detail and the ritual to discover them in a simple and original way of gift wrapping.

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