Simple forms build the basis of the design. The valuable, sparingly processed leather with its raw structure, specially refined surfaces, the variety of colours and edgy combination with metallic accessories set the stage for endless possibilities of arrangement. Rings, which can be opened and closed, loops and straps invite the individual interpretation of each bag, allowing the wearer to gradually tap into its inner potential. Each piece becomes unique; each bag constructs its own story. Bags …
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Ina Kent. Since 2007.

Spawned by the desire to create something new and different, the autodidact, Ina Kent, founded the bag label that bears her name in 2007. Past experience and mindful observation provide the basis for her actions. Exploring the ambivalence between aesthetics and functionality is her intention.

Independent from the start and committed solely to the standards of the founder herself, the quality of each step is what counts for this label.

Bags tell stories.

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