FORMAT is a fashion design brand from Berlin. Our minimalistic approach on design is paired with a sustainable work ethic through the combination of organic materials and fair production. We believe in slow fashion and transfer that into exciting, timeless products that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe. (Our products are not out of fashion after a few seasons and some designs from the first collection are even still available. Every season we add and subtract about 10 styles and …
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FORMAT's designs are essentially minimalistic. This minimalism is accentuated by details that make a freedom of movement possible while giving the clothes their laid-back look. FORMAT products stand for the distinctive, individual, and unmasked style of each individual. They bring out his or her best qualities and thus remain a durable companion.

Since fall 2008 Mareike Ulman and the FORMAT family have sought to realize a fair fashion world. All FORMAT products are made considering high ecological and ethical standards. Our raw materials are organic, the cotton fabrics are certified by GOTS or produced according to similar organic standards. All of our clothing is made in Berlin and Szczecin, Poland. We mostly work together with 110PROZENTIG from Kreuzberg.

The FORMAT collection is partly independent from seasons because sustainability implys for us that clothes not ought to be old-fashioned after 6 month. We aspire a high level of eternalness in our styles: Some few items won't be reproduced again. Some pieces accomplish the collection since the early beginning of FORMAT and this collection keeps on growing by about ten pieces, new fabrics and new colours every season.

Primarily we are concentrating on B2B business. We sell our clothing to mid and higher priced shops and retailers in Germany and since 2011 also in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Nevertheless anyone can have a look at the clothes in WESEN showroom, which is our base and an insiders' shopping tip for Berliners and visitors since july 2011.

Besides all this we work hard on not taking ourselves and fashion too serious, but rather seeing our clients and us as what we are mostly – people in clothing.

Mareike Ulman lives and works in Berlin-Neukölln. In addition to her brand, FORMAT, she works for several agencies and clients for costuming, styling, and fashion-events. For her, the work is an exciting combination of theoretic, creative and artisanal tasks. Ideally, these tasks are brought together at the always-changing intersection of the animate and inanimate world that is the individual.

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