f.rau berlin
f.rau berlin
f.rau is a growing fashion company with a choosen brand profile, which embodies style, simplicity and casual elegance. The philosophy of f.rau based on style, quality and timelessness. Particularly important for us is to create products that meet the demands and needs of our customers as well as equal to our own standards and visions.
Photo by: f.rau berlin
f.rau berlin

The philosophy of the label f.rau Berlin is characterized by the pairing of feminine elegance and high-end fabrics. A substance that like a second skin has a perfect fit, but it promises freedom of movement, and thus one's individuality can be free space.

The current collection of the Berlin label f.rau invites you on a trip to Mexico: not only that each piece carries the name of a Mexican city, the silhouettes are inspired by the architecture of Aztec temples and traditional Mexican clothing. So by running example of Poncho several metamorphoses - the artful cuts often consist of just a single piece of material do not require sutures and lie down by draping casually to the body. The casual elegance is also reflected in the exclusive materials again finest leather, sheer silk chiffon, linen and the innovative Organic Material Tencel meet in this contrasting but monochromatic collection.

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