Every edelziege collection with its combination of basic and fashionable styles offers carefully selected products that are manufactured in very small quantities. These are not mass products but favorite items of timeless elegance that stand the test of every new “fashion trend”. From classy and elegant to cool and stylish, Cashmere clothing and accessories guarantee a luxurious and special fashion experience. 100 % Cashmere, highest quality and wearing comfort are the principles of …
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Edelziege is a label born from a dream. Having grown up under the boundless freedom of the Mongolian skies, designer Saruul Fischer is inspired by the spirit of living close to nature. From childhood memories of cashmere wool an idea was born, took shape and became reality: to create fashion from cashmere produced with traditional techniques by people who have been using them all their lives. The wool of the cashmere-goats is so special, that every animal gives only between 150 and 250 grams and that ensures that the clothes are so soft and warm that you have to experience it in person to make sure, that they are indeed reality and not a dream.

The contemporary simplicity of her beautifully tailored and draped tops connects directly to the endless expanses of the Mongolian steppe that has influenced Edelziege’s desire to create simply beautiful clothes. Saruul makes sure that nothing gets in the way of the beauty of the pieces, by personally getting to know every single one of her workers and by supporting the animals with an incredible amount of enthusiasm that makes her view every piece as a present.

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