Carla Cixi
Carla Cixi
Carla Cixi upcycling collection's key aspect is the crocheted design: from accessories, to customized haute-couture corsets and tops. She uses silky fabrics, which she recycles from second-hand clothes and leftovers. According to the different types of fabric texture, once crocheted, the final result is completely different: every piece is unique even if the pattern is the same one. To each colour corresponds a particular fabric and a one-of-a-kind effect. From the same pattern to different …
Photo by: © 2015 Sebastian Kreinau / Model: Ellen Eiselin / H&M: Cindy König
Carla Cixi

Carla Cixi was born in Sardinia (Italy). She studied history of art and museology at DAMS in Turin and has been living and working in Berlin since 2008. She started to create her own designs through needlecraft and crocheting at a very young age by modifying and recycling different garments. When Carla moved to Berlin she got involved in the upcycling movement and found a way to express what she had always been doing by incorporating the philosophy into her own designs. It is important for her to see and feel the clothes in order to find inspiration for her designs. Once she has found the right materials to realise her idea she cuts the recycled clothes and textiles into thin strips which she then uses to crochet opulent sculptural designs.

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