camilla wellton
camilla wellton
Experimental incarnations of classic feminine silhouettes enhancing but not distracting from the natural female form is key to Camilla Wellton's estethic. The brand also plays to universal consumer demand for pragmatism and social responsibility: High quality workmanship, heartfelt philosophy and natural fibres lends environmental empathy and longevity.
Photo by: Emma J├Ânsson Dysell
camilla wellton

The label Camilla Wellton is a luxury fashion house on the rise fueled by its love for love and its love for elegant individuality in harmony with the whole.

We use ecological materials for a growing number of styles in our collections.

Yet the elegance and quality of the material and therefore the fit and beauty of the garment is never compromised:

Here only organic materials are used for our customers whom wish to own a garment made especially for them: Design, Choice of material, Made to measure pattern and Tailoring.

We also offer, though solely through our eponymous webshop, our customers the possiblity to have their chosen item of our coat collection made to fit their measurements, for those looking for the perfect fit.

Visit our webshop to get a feel for our line

Enjoy every moment :)

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