Barbara Habig
Barbara Habig
Barbara Habig interpreted the hat again: The magic tape makes the hat to uniquen gem that emphasizes the individuality of the wearer and makes the hat to the amazing main accessory: Strategically positioned on the head visible to everyone, from the distance, a classic hat-shape. Up close, surprised the high processing art and the refined colors and shapes of the magic belt. - In the truest sense of the enchanted surroundings and draws attention to itself.
Barbara Habig

From Vienna with Love!

• interpretation of the hat

• A journey from past to future

• handmade with great attention to detail

• Unlimited freedom of creativity

• Luxury and elegance mixed with extravagant design

Based on these foundation stones Barbara Habig designs in its fifth generation, a new luxury Hutlinie in continuation of over 150 years of family tradition.

Their style is characterized by a strongly masculine design that gives the man in the woman and the man and woman in the appeals. The colors are harmonious, clean and simple, combined with a love of detail, especially historical. The hats are multi-functional as well as elegant and chic.

A mix of exclusive and extravagant materials, ultra-light and fine, various kinds of sheepskin, fox fur, velvet, and a sophisticated application of fur felt with the exquisite shape, unusual Habig Hut collection.

The selected materials allow a comfortable fit that will allow for most models can be conveniently tucked into your bag or your luggage so as to integrate the head covering as a "must-have" accessory in your busy life.

The unmistakable signature of the collection is sensual, lifestyle, quality and individuality.

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