Behind auri is the jewelry artist Anne Bader, who forms jewelry out of unusually thin sheet metals, hides stacked:, lined up, structures or folded pieces,almost like Origami.
Photo by: auri
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auri jewellery takes its inspiration from nature and everyday surroundings. The creative impulse is equally likely to derive from a waterfall, a chance encounter on the streets of Florence, or the loggia of the fifteenth century villa.

The creative process begins with simple sketches that lead to complex and detailed paper models from which metal prototypes and finally the limited series of earrings, necklaces or brooches are created.

Throughout the process uppermost is not only the comfort, but also the uniqueness of the individual who will be wearing the piece.

auri jewellery is the result of very thin metal sheets finely wrought with intuition, research and expertise. Beside the aim to design visually and aesthetically exciting jewellery, auri jewellery is intended to be worn as only the connection and interaction with the wearer brings it to real life.

The ethereal sense of weightlessness in each handcrafted piece creates the illusion of movement, one might almost say of sound, in this jewellery that will be treasured by its owner and passed to future generations.

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