Anuschka Späth Hamburg
Anuschka Späth Hamburg
The Collection Anuschka Späth Hamburg is classic and modern, the pieces are mostly made in Jersey or Viskose and have an easy wear and fit. The choice of the material is various and doesn't leave any wish unfulfilled. Everything is made in Hamburg.
Photo by: Inger Diederich
Anuschka Späth Hamburg

It took Anuschka Späth only a few years in Hamburg to rediscover the dirndl and to make it her personal quest to make the most popular Bavarian garment fashionable even in the far North. The collection Anuschka Späth Hamburg, which of course does not only comprise the Dirndl, is stylish and portable. It is designed exclusively by Anuschka Späth and is custom made in Hamburg. Every woman can decide for herself, which make and which fabric will become her new favorite piece of clothing. Especially when you buy a dirndl, there are virtually unlimited possibilities of combinations you can choose from.

She opened the Webshop just this year, and it is rewarding so see how much women like her clothes. Anuschka Späth views herself as a trendsetter who dresses fashionably yet unpretentious and, of course, is not shy to mix colors, patterns and textures.

"The most rewarding thing for me is to help a woman to find the perfect cut and colour."

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