ab.ag bags and accessories made from recycled materials such as bicycle tires, bicycle tires, fire hoses, truck tarpaulins, mattresses and much more. All products are hand-made unique pieces.
Photo by: ab.ag

Beautiful. Stable. And quite intelligent.

In the pockets of ab.ag stuck tear-resistant materials such as bicycle tires, fire hoses, mountain bike tires, carpets, truck covers, lounge chair covers or air mattresses.

For each case, we plan to optimize the allocation. In other words, for every application we are planning the perfect bag.

Each bag of ab.ag is a world unto itself. Unique, tailored to individual needs.

And every day the world gets bigger. With each new material we discover. With each new variant processing. Each new accessory.


For good materials we go for miles. Garbage containers for the bicycle repair shop as well as a warehouse fire services at flea markets. We are flexible and open where we Get The materials, but with no compromise on one point: if we can not use materials required, we prefer this. In the interests of best environmental performance.


All of our products are custom-made based on our standard models. We manufacture also happy just for the unique requirements of our customers. Even with their own materials. Whether you want to have incorporated the remains of your favorite bag or a buckle of old boots or a green zipper or extra padding - for us ab.ag is not only not a problem, but a welcome challenge.


The hand-made unique pieces are produced by us in Vienna.


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