Clara Kaesdorf
Clara Kaesdorf
Photo by: Peter Troch
Clara Kaesdorf

In 2013, at age 23, Clara Kaesdorf founded her own business and fashion line. Born in Munich, she moved to Berlin to study Fashion Design, where she has won various fashion design competitions. She acquired experience working in the fashion capital of Antwerp. Clara Kaesdorf has already showed her designs several times at the Berlin Fashion Week as a designer making contributions to sustainable fashion.

Fashion and design by Clara Kaesdorf means innovation and connection to the fine arts. Characteristic are her self-designed prints and fastenings in combination with graphic silhouettes.

The goal of her is to produce durable clothing that can be worn on many occasions.

Materials such as Tencel, cotton, linen, silk, wool and viscose are purchased from surplus production.

Everyday pieces that can be worn in different shapes form the basis of the collection, bearing the characteristics allover-prints drawn up by Clara Kaesdorf herself. The digital printed patterns on durable fabrics make for easy care and a nice ageing process.

Fast delivery is guaranteed and surplus production avoided, since she produces locally and on an individual basis for her customers.

After many successful Pop-Up Shops in different cities she decided in 2014 to open a studio/shop in the very centre of Berlin. Press and customers can get into contact with her at the showroom and see in person how their pieces are created.


For Clara Kaesdorf sustainability means involving the customer as much as possible in the process. Instead of simply buying something ready-made, the customer can become involved in the whole story of the product they purchase. This involvement is seen as a way to make sure that the product will be used for a much longer period.

Customers can choose between different fabrics and variations on the same design: Do they prefer organic cotton or conventional cotton? How do they want to wear their chosen piece? There is always room for adjustments to make the piece fit perfectly to the individual customer!

Made to measure is also an option, giving everyone the opportunity to wear the best possible fit.

As Clara Kaesdorf produces locally she has very short delivery times. The aim is not to produce stock goods but products that will be used immediately. In doing so she is proving that overproduction is not a necessary part of fashion.

She uses digital printing, as this method allows her to make allover-prints without using excess dye. Her unprinted fabrics are purchased from surplus production.

As most of the water consumption in fashion industry comes not from the production of the clothes themselves but throughout their lifetime, she wants to create products on which damage or stains don’t show up. Her prints are irregular, as if drawn by hand. Customers would even be able to continue the drawing on the pattern and individualise it themselves!

Clara Kaesdorf is mainly interested in creating long-lasting products. This doesn’t mean making minimalistic and classic fashion items such as the “little black dress”. Instead, the focus is on creating pieces that are both artistic expressions and a reflection of the wearer’s personality. Fashion for her means helping people communicate.

One area she is exploring is the way in which makeshift solutions come about and how they end up outliving ready-made products. The idea is that if customers are involved in the design process and have an insight into the production steps, their clothes will have a story before even being worn for the first time. They will use them for much longer as a result leave behind a smaller ecological footprint.

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