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  • km/a
    Katha Harrer and Michael Ellinger, the founder of the fashion label 'km/a' design and manufactures a unique counterpoint to clothes conformity off the shelf. Their items are innovative, athletic, …
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  • MD
    The designer Dagmar Mikolics designs with her label "MD" fashion for women, both for business , as well as for everyday occasions. Not dressing up, but underlining the female advantage is at the …
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  • KINA*
    STRENG und doch VERTRAULICH Nicht NUR FÜR DEN DIENSTGEBRAUCH ist die neue KINA*-Kollektion gedacht Strenge, schlichte schnörkellose, körperbetonte zeitlose Schnitte und dezente Farben treffen …
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    Founded in 2009 and designed for the modern, urban woman succeeded LOUISA OKONYE FASHION DESIGN quickly and unmistakably made a foothold in the Austrian fashion market. First-class workmanship and …
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  • Parvenew
    Parvenew is a young streetwear label. The fashion label is located in Hanover and has its focus on fair production. For this reason Parvenew not only develops its handmade collections in its …
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  • LUXXUS Berlin
    LUXXUS Berlin
    In LUXXUS Berlin Spring / Summer 2012 collection "Pure Dynasty" reveals many facets of society and Zeitgeist. The Pure of everyday life and the exuberant lifestyle of nightlife form a coherent picture …
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    FRANZIUS central design approach is the concept of contradiction: strong meets soft, contrasting a casual attitude with an element of classic feminine elegance. With its associations of both power …
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  • claustyler
    Der Designer schafft es die Trägerin seiner Kreationen stilvoll zu kleiden, ohne sie dabei mit der Last einer ganzen Modeepoche zu beschweren. Claus Tyler – der Avantgardist auf dem Parkett zeitloser …
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