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  • Gal Stern
    Gal Stern
    Gal Stern is a vibrant textile designer working for a few years in the booming Israeli fashion scene. Gal key products are hand printed tights. Representing a new modern universal woman that wants to …
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  • N • Langner - art & jewellery
    N • Langner - art & jewellery
    N • Langner - art and jewellery ist ein junges Label aus Bielefeld, NRW. Nicole Langner, Goldschmiedin, Schmuckdesignerin und kreativer Kopf hinter N • Langner - art and jewellery, wurde von …
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  • Meisterkluft - TISKET
    Meisterkluft - TISKET
    MEISTERKLUFT -TISKET offers a fresh twist on classic garments by including elements of traditional German carpenters work attire.
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    JOANNA HAWROT is a modern brand signed by the name of polish fashion designer. Her characteristic style is a combination of futuristic and style elements, which is a result of treating fashion as a …
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  • Firkant
    FIRKANT stands for nonchalantly elegant knitwear with minimalistic design. The special features of Elena Kikina's designs are use of square shapes (firkant = square), unusual fit, clever details and …
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  • soós
    WE ARE 100% AUSTRIA. Based in the heart of Europe, in the beautiful region of Styria, we design and produce all our clothes out of wonderful woolen Loden fabrics.
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  • Christian Franck
    Christian Franck
    Christian Franck has become synonymous with genuine quality, natural style and timeless design. Each and every piece of Christian Franck collection is created with a respect to the heritage and …
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  • Carla Cixi
    Carla Cixi
    Carla Cixi upcycling collection's key aspect is the crocheted design: from accessories, to customized haute-couture corsets and tops. She uses silky fabrics, which she recycles from second-hand …
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  • Asneh
    Asneh is a Danish luxury fashion brand focusing on knitwear made of cashmere, silk and other natural fibres. Our products are fall-in-love-pieces in irresistible quality and design. We do not …
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